Hire Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12 in Ghent

The company Auto-Arenda offers to rent Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12 car in Ghent. You can order and book car rental in Ghent with delivery to the airport or railway station.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12 is popular with rental in Ghent. All Bentley cars are equipped with modern electronics, comfort elements, safety systems and stability when driving on roads.

You can find prices and technical data for car rental in Ghent. To hire the Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12 we offer you to make a request for car booking by filling out the request form. You must specify in your request the date, time, place or address where you want to receive this car, as well as specify the date, time, place or return address of the machine.

Photos of Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12:

Rental price in Ghent for the car Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12

  • € 1750 x 1 day = € 1750
  • € 1570 x 7 days = € 10990
  • € 1031 x 14 days = € 14422
  • € 830 x 21 days = € 17425
  • € 699 x 28 days = € 19570

  • € 6.5 / km – Price for exceeding the mileage limit
  • € 25000 – Pledge / Liability / Franchise. Deposit will block on the main driver’s credit card OR accept cash.

Technical specification Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12

Rated 4.3/5 based on 123 customer reviews

  • Transmission – Automatic
  • Seats – 4
  • GPS – included
  • Year – 2017

  • Minimum driver age – 25 years old

Calculating the cost of the Bentley Mulsanne Speed V12

Start of lease (getting the car)
Finish of lease (returning of the car)

Contact details and request of a car
Pick-Up Location (City, ZIP or airport, hotel)
Drop-off Location (City, hotel, airport, etc.)

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The format is as follows:
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